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 How to navigate the forums and make a post

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Chief Pnut


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PostSubject: How to navigate the forums and make a post   Sun Jul 11, 2010 3:53 pm

Ok, so here's a little tour on how to use these forums, and what all you can find on them.

First of all, the login screen:

Simply put your forum username and password in the boxes, and hit login.

This will take you to the Rawr main page:

A few points of interest here:
  1. You can click here to view all the post that have been made since your last forum visit.
  2. Wherever you are on the forum, you can always click on the banner to return to the main page.
  3. If you have received any private messages, it will show here, click to go to your forum inbox.
  4. The calendar, it shows events and clanmembers' birthdays (only if a birthdate was specified)
  5. Shows in which usergroups you currently are (Generals, Rawr clan, Rawr academy, etc.)
  6. This takes you to your profile.

On the bottom of the main page:

The legend: it basically shows you which symbols mean what. In this case, if you see a gold bar on the forum, that means there is a topic there that you have not yet read! When read, this symbol turns into a gold ore.

On the bottom of the main page you will also find the chatbox, aswell as information on who is online, more on this in another post. (sometime later Wink )

For this tour I used the 'forum feedback' to go to next, simply click on it and you will see this:

Points of interest:

  1. If you wish to create a thread, click on this button! (This will look thesame in all forums)
  2. Quick nav-bar, this shows you exactly where on the forum you are. You can click on any part of it to go back to the selected forum.

On the bottom of the page, another legend:

Again, this will show you if there are new posts (gold or elemental bar), or not (gold or elemental ore).

If you are posting a message, you will see this:

Points of interest:
  1. Type a topic title here (not needed when replying to a message, gets auto-filled in)
  2. Your message body, here is where you can type your message Wink
  3. When you are done, you can click send to post the message, or click preview to see what it will look like, and then hit send to post.

Note: When you are reading a topic and want to reply to it, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see two buttons, one of them saying 'Reply'. Click on it to be taken to the above situation where you can type out your message.

I will make a more detailed post soon on what all the little buttons do when you are posting a message, and one about the options you have in your profile, and some other things that could be handy to know Smile

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PostSubject: Re: How to navigate the forums and make a post   Sun Jul 11, 2010 7:59 pm

OMG !!!!

Very niceley done Pnut !!! that should help so much Smile

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How to navigate the forums and make a post
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